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Using Feng Shui
Getting your Ex back

6 Service to get your Ex back

One price, all inclusive of the following six services

1.Reading about future development (Your and EX)

Using Qimen (Old Chinese Divination) to predict the future development of you and your EX.

2.Increasing back together opportunities

Using FengShui(placing specific item in specific orientation) to help you Increasing back together opportunities.

3.Measuring the probability of back together

predict the percentage of will you getting back togther?

4.Strengthen Ex's love

Using FengShui to change your Ex's feeling to you

5.How long does it take for you to back together?

Predict how long it takes to finally get back together

6.What can be done to enhance the get back opportunity?

Using Qimen to see what you should do to enhance the get back chances.

About MingDeng

(Hong Kong's famous Feng Shui master)

– Best-selling book “Practical Qimen”, “Practical Qimen  – theory”, “Practical Qimen  – examples”, “Qintang Pai Gufa Qimen Secret”, “Qimen for Starter” author of “Ba Zi certificate (Chapter 1)”

– 7 years of “” popular blog, the number of views exceeded one million, metaphysical articles over 652 articles

– Over 30 years of metaphysical experience, especially specialized in getting back Ex,  many successful cases

Strengthen Ex's love
Increasing back together opportunities

Ten Year

Good Review

Reader of
It took a couple of months to break up with a boyfriend who had been dragging on for four and a half years, only to see the blog post and advertisement of the master. Unfortunately, I saw it too late. I was too tempted before, and often I was looking for him to compound so that he could escape further. ...

Thanks to the master for the detailed analysis of the reasons for the breakup, no matter how the future development is also very grateful to the patience of the master Q_Q

Postscript: After the array, in the end of August 18th, the other party was separated from the third party. Later, she took another look. The elephant showed that the woman would take the initiative to attack. During the 18th Christmas period, the woman made a birthday cake for the man’s birthday. The composite is still in contact with the current status of this guest.
Student of Qimen
I broke up with my ex-boyfriend for three months. I didn't contact him in the first month and the second month, but I couldn't help but break the day before. Privately PM secreted him. I first apologized for my behavior, then the man said I have improved

Later, I saw him on Instagram and said that he didn't want to compound. He also said that the card I wrote to him had a typo and was not sincere, and did not say why I didn't consider the result. I was stealing the dynamics every day. Later, he found that I blocked it again. Up...

I really don't know what he is thinking...

Postscript: I am quite familiar with this student. It is known that her relationship is very fluctuating since she was enrolled in Qimenban. She used to take up the feelings of her for the time being. She saw the man’s temper and temper, and it was not easy to get along with. Later, because it was a student, the preferential price for her "Jade Girl Nine-Tailed Fox" composite Feng Shui array, and according to her advice suggested that she would not find a man in the short term, so as not to have a long night dream, then break up and break up again, compound and break up many times, 18 years eventually Make a positive result and become the hand of the holder

Later, the birth of a male, the student’s choice for the day is also very smooth.
It’s been half a year since she broke up with her, she mentioned

Break up in cohabitation

But there has never been a public breakup. We often go to sleep together, and there is no big problem with getting along. She will also talk about a lot of things in the future. Every time I meet, I am very happy. I broke up and lost. It seems like a chronic suicide.

Postscript: At first glance, the woman has a third party to intervene. At that time, it was strange to hear him say that he broke up but did not separate. In the middle, he also saw that he would not break up completely in the short term but would be a threesome (triangle) Because it is a cohabitation relationship, the second time for his cloth "Jade Girl Nine-Tailed Fox" composite Feng Shui array was messed up by her girlfriend, and later taught him the invisible version of "Jade Girl Nine-tailed Fox", and finally the triangle relationship remained for some time. Later, the man also took a third party in Taohuayun. His girlfriend also felt that the wild peach blossoms were not as good as the boyfriends at home, and eventually they both gave up their third party success.

AS SEEN ON Media (HongKong)

Press “USD$61 Getting your Ex back” Pay with credit card. We accept Paypal too. Inform me via email after paid

After paid with credit card, I would do a reading using Qimen(Divination) for you and your Ex. Then, i will teach you how to easier to get back your Ex using Feng Shui.

Both gender and year of birth for Divination 

It is Feng Shui which is Chinese traditional culture. Using specific item to place in specific orientation to help getting back your Ex.

More than 30 years of metaphysical experience, I have helped lots of broke up lovers to get back together.

No extra charge, USD$61 all inclusive of six services.

Free free to contact mail me below


LINE/WECHAT : mingdengshe

Disclaimer: Results may vary, all information and service for reference only. Results are based on your effort . No 100% guarantee to succeed. 

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